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Do they think in the implementation of the
surveillance cameras inside your company? 
Here's the ideal solution is IP Camera 
Those containing a set of network computers and servers and ... Etc. without adding many of the bodies responsible
and work extensions and connections complex, now no longer surveillance cameras rely on modern exits sound and image
as it was in the past.
As there is the so-called IP Camera or cameras that rely
on technology IP Address
And the advantages of this technique are:
- Reliance in linking any Switch Router or Wireless or both Wired
Easy-control cameras introduced by the Software
in the supply of and record ... Etc.
- Ease of installation and definition,
- Amkanihalmracbh and up to the presentations from the
 cameras from outside the company and so on and so Trivialanturnt through some simple settings,
These devices are required to implement a whole network
of surveillance cameras
- PC
- Switch or Router .
-Camera-type IP Camera .
-Wire-type UTP or STP, in Halasthaddam networks F Wired .
-And can control those cameras tables program
 called Active Webca.
Now we are happy Company ET Blas pieces of computer
services to declare itself in this area because we have the latest techniques and fixtures in the area of surveillance cameras
For more information on the service and obtain
the best offers contact us
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